Monday, January 31, 2011

The Song that Started it All

There's a children's song I grew up singing the words to which goes like this:

"I belong to the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
I know who I am,
 I know God's plan,
I'll follow Him in faith.
  I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ,
I'll honor His name. 
 I'll do what is right, I'll follow His light, His truth I will proclaim."

Children age 3-12 go to two hours of what we call "Primary" every Sunday while the adults tend Sunday School one hour and Relief Society (for the Women) and Priesthood (for the Men) the second hour.

I bring this up because my earliest memories of Church were when I learned this song in Primary.  It is the effect of this song on my influential mind of youth that gives me the confidence I have as a Mother to know that I know God's plan for me; and that I am fulfilling the plan He has for my life by fulfilling my role as Wife and Mother.

  Because of the teachings of the Mormon church I understand "God's plan for me", as becoming a wife and Mother and giving all my time and effort to that cause.  I look at today's society and feel genuine sorrow for most, because it seems to me they have no true direction; they don't know where to look for instruction on how to live life appropriately.

Without this Church, I fear my faith and confidence to raise children in this society would be less than adequate.  I am happy to know confidently that the efforts I place in rearing my children today is exactly how I can "do what is right,..folllow His light..[and proclaim His truth]."

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