Sunday, February 12, 2012

What are ya'll trying to equalize? We've got the freedom to practice, already!

Today, I am happy that the Constitution gives us rights to live according to our own conscience.   It’s so sublime that people may act and live in whatever way or lifestyle they choose without compulsory means.  That is what makes America GREAT!   This piece of news got me thinking.

Now, consider that in the search for same-sex equality in marriage guaranteed by law,  the mere change of a definition of what marriage is, can limit the freedom of the masses by punishing ANY individual LEGALLY who resists performing such a ceremony based on his/her own exercise of freedom of choice.
I say, in order to preserve EVERYONE’S freedom from punishment by acting or not acting in a certain way,  let’s be content that we can CURRENTLY act according to our own desires with regards to lifestyle without ANY legal compulsion or limitation.

Taking a picture of someone’s artwork and posting it here would be copyright infringement and punishable by law (which is why my posts will contain mostly nature images).  Let each nature image I post symbolize the following in your mind:

Man imposes laws to “protect” someone’s intellectual property or in the case of same-sex marriage, “protect” their equality, but the true protection lies in God’s creation of marriage, between one man and one woman. 
Let’s protect and enjoy God’s beautiful creations, including marriage; for as we see, when man gets involved in defining marriage, it gets hairy.  Pun DEFINITELY intended!