Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The other side of the Coin

For the fairness of debate, and acknowledging there are, in fact,
(may I place in quotes what they mistakingly call themselves) "Feminist" Mormons, in full fellowship in our religion; I present to you, dear reader, an article which I enjoyed the pleasure of debating today. http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org/?p=3863

At the end of the post, the author writes:  "Have we not learned by now that prescribed roles only seem to hold us back and limit us?"

I WOULD ARGUE that living by prescribed gender roles in righteousness and mutual respect for your spouse gives us MORE freedom and in no way limits us, as women.

Search: "The Family: a proclamation to the World" on http://www.lds.org/ to see where the church's roles for husband and wife are outlined. 

Following this prescribed approach is like using an assembly line to get things done MORE efficiently when spouses diversify their efforts instead of trying to compete.  One is not over the other, but jointly yoked. 

I fear women today are spending their energies striving to become equal in the sight of the world with men(which we are all created EQUAL already in the sight of GOD) in the workforce by pushing their feminist objectives which ultimately limits time spent in the home, fulfiling divine roles given to women; thus working counter-productively and as a result, limiting themselves.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We might not realize what is happening...history repeats itself, repeatedly.

Take a look at this link to read the description of the book being sold:

I find it interesting that propoganda, or strong messages sent by way of news, radio, and advertisement, where the people of Nazi Germany were at the time leading up to the crisis, led a society to justify the annihilation of Jews without second thought.   It's history, and history repeats itself, repeatedly.  That's scary.

With media messages permeating our homes, phones, and internet, where "we the people" are spending OUR time, it makes me wonder what damaging topics or issues our society is trying to force us to become indifferent toward.  Any guesses?

I know that the more one sees, observes or interacts with content that was once questionable in their mind, the more it becomes less bothersome as time goes on.

A future series of blog posts entitled, "What you once thought was Wrong, Propoganda makes Right" will look at modern-day ads that propogate indifference toward traditional family values. 

As each generation replaces the last, strong family, and moral values are deteriorating, and the media is making what once was repulsive to the general population something of beauty, while portraying traditional values and those that uphold them "outdated" and intolerant individuals. 

Look for updates and leave suggestions for future blog posts!