Sunday, February 12, 2012

What are ya'll trying to equalize? We've got the freedom to practice, already!

Today, I am happy that the Constitution gives us rights to live according to our own conscience.   It’s so sublime that people may act and live in whatever way or lifestyle they choose without compulsory means.  That is what makes America GREAT!   This piece of news got me thinking.

Now, consider that in the search for same-sex equality in marriage guaranteed by law,  the mere change of a definition of what marriage is, can limit the freedom of the masses by punishing ANY individual LEGALLY who resists performing such a ceremony based on his/her own exercise of freedom of choice.
I say, in order to preserve EVERYONE’S freedom from punishment by acting or not acting in a certain way,  let’s be content that we can CURRENTLY act according to our own desires with regards to lifestyle without ANY legal compulsion or limitation.

Taking a picture of someone’s artwork and posting it here would be copyright infringement and punishable by law (which is why my posts will contain mostly nature images).  Let each nature image I post symbolize the following in your mind:

Man imposes laws to “protect” someone’s intellectual property or in the case of same-sex marriage, “protect” their equality, but the true protection lies in God’s creation of marriage, between one man and one woman. 
Let’s protect and enjoy God’s beautiful creations, including marriage; for as we see, when man gets involved in defining marriage, it gets hairy.  Pun DEFINITELY intended!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The other side of the Coin

For the fairness of debate, and acknowledging there are, in fact,
(may I place in quotes what they mistakingly call themselves) "Feminist" Mormons, in full fellowship in our religion; I present to you, dear reader, an article which I enjoyed the pleasure of debating today.

At the end of the post, the author writes:  "Have we not learned by now that prescribed roles only seem to hold us back and limit us?"

I WOULD ARGUE that living by prescribed gender roles in righteousness and mutual respect for your spouse gives us MORE freedom and in no way limits us, as women.

Search: "The Family: a proclamation to the World" on to see where the church's roles for husband and wife are outlined. 

Following this prescribed approach is like using an assembly line to get things done MORE efficiently when spouses diversify their efforts instead of trying to compete.  One is not over the other, but jointly yoked. 

I fear women today are spending their energies striving to become equal in the sight of the world with men(which we are all created EQUAL already in the sight of GOD) in the workforce by pushing their feminist objectives which ultimately limits time spent in the home, fulfiling divine roles given to women; thus working counter-productively and as a result, limiting themselves.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We might not realize what is happening...history repeats itself, repeatedly.

Take a look at this link to read the description of the book being sold:

I find it interesting that propoganda, or strong messages sent by way of news, radio, and advertisement, where the people of Nazi Germany were at the time leading up to the crisis, led a society to justify the annihilation of Jews without second thought.   It's history, and history repeats itself, repeatedly.  That's scary.

With media messages permeating our homes, phones, and internet, where "we the people" are spending OUR time, it makes me wonder what damaging topics or issues our society is trying to force us to become indifferent toward.  Any guesses?

I know that the more one sees, observes or interacts with content that was once questionable in their mind, the more it becomes less bothersome as time goes on.

A future series of blog posts entitled, "What you once thought was Wrong, Propoganda makes Right" will look at modern-day ads that propogate indifference toward traditional family values. 

As each generation replaces the last, strong family, and moral values are deteriorating, and the media is making what once was repulsive to the general population something of beauty, while portraying traditional values and those that uphold them "outdated" and intolerant individuals. 

Look for updates and leave suggestions for future blog posts!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life Flashed Forward

I stumbled upon this blog and it warmed my heart to see a picture of a husband and wife with all of their grandchildren gathered around them. I posted this comment under her most recent post after following the link that redirected me to her knew blog:

"I'm following you now; your life as it is now,  is where I want to be when I've been married 33 years from now!  You are brimming with joy in your posterity!  It's refreshing to see how hard work in rearing a family will pay off in years to come!  I can't wait to enjoy a life full of more children to love; in the form of grandchildren.  I'm seeking to share the sweet message of wonderful family life with the world!  And your blog captured my emotions today. So follow me @ "

Browsing through her posts, I was happy to see pictures that portrayed happiness in family life as evidenced by filled tables at fast food restaurants for no one but their own family, and height competitions with Grandpa!   

Kudos to a husband and wife who have overcome the odds to make marriage work and reap the benefits of upholding their vows all these years!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Song that Started it All

There's a children's song I grew up singing the words to which goes like this:

"I belong to the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
I know who I am,
 I know God's plan,
I'll follow Him in faith.
  I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ,
I'll honor His name. 
 I'll do what is right, I'll follow His light, His truth I will proclaim."

Children age 3-12 go to two hours of what we call "Primary" every Sunday while the adults tend Sunday School one hour and Relief Society (for the Women) and Priesthood (for the Men) the second hour.

I bring this up because my earliest memories of Church were when I learned this song in Primary.  It is the effect of this song on my influential mind of youth that gives me the confidence I have as a Mother to know that I know God's plan for me; and that I am fulfilling the plan He has for my life by fulfilling my role as Wife and Mother.

  Because of the teachings of the Mormon church I understand "God's plan for me", as becoming a wife and Mother and giving all my time and effort to that cause.  I look at today's society and feel genuine sorrow for most, because it seems to me they have no true direction; they don't know where to look for instruction on how to live life appropriately.

Without this Church, I fear my faith and confidence to raise children in this society would be less than adequate.  I am happy to know confidently that the efforts I place in rearing my children today is exactly how I can "do what is right,..folllow His light..[and proclaim His truth]."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We prefer "Homemaker" to "Housewife"

Thank you for posting my blog link at the bottom of this blog article.
  I'm glad to see someone else has taken as much interest blogging about the salon article, 
“Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs” as I have.

This "Mormon housewife blog" article was actually brought up by another Mormon mommy at a playgroup I attended TODAY!  OH how I wanted to shout out, "Yeah, I set up a WHOLE blog to address this article!"
Other Mormon moms LOVE that we are getting attention for doing what we choose to do as Moms in today's society where the focus is on material acquisition at the expense of child-bearing and rearing.

 Some Mormon moms at the playgroup and I, discussed in great detail the craziness of our modern world and how things are soooo backwards in where our values as a society lie.  I love how other people not of our faith are gravitating towards our way of life.  They see it as "retro" (the mothering, woman role fulfilling way of life) when we see it as just living life as we've been taught in the Mormon church.

 As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, I know the followers on this blog will take everything I say as "Doctrine" and assume that what I post here is definately what Mormons are all about; so, I must proceed extremely cautiously as to how I come across.  I don't want any of my posts to create a new misconception in someone else's mind and start the whole vicious cycle over again.  So, for reference, I encourage you to visit the OFFICIAL church website to learn more about us, but my stories and life relating experiences can give you at least a partial clue on typical.  Visit or and browse around.

I'll leave you with an excerpt from a talk given by an Elder in our church, whom we uphold as "Prophets, Seers and Revelators":  I can see how he was correct in 1977 when he delivered the address, addressing the topic of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  I love how he correctly foretold how women would stop "giving in" to their instincts as women if the amendment passed. 

No wonder "Feminist-Atheists" are so intruigued by blogging Mormon Mommies; we are a rare find, indeed!

President Packer Proclaimed:

“In Utah, where our Church is headquartered, women received the right to vote in 1870, fifty years before the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution granted the right nationally.
“There have been injustices to women before the law and in society generally. These we deplore.
“There are additional rights to which women are entitled.
“However, we firmly believe that the Equal Rights Amendment is not the answer.
“While the motives of its supporters may be praiseworthy, ERA as a blanket attempt to help women could indeed bring them far more restraints and repressions. We fear it will even stifle many God-given feminine instincts."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Rosie the Riveter"

Google those words and you'll see the image I am about to comment on.  Because it is copyrighted, I have refrained from posting the image here, but nonetheless let me begin.

In middle school, I purchased a shirt from a trip to D.C. with this gal on it and I thought I was pretty tough stuff everytime I wore it.  Everything about my attitude changed when I wore that shirt.  It seemed it appealled to almost every girl in my grade, for we all went home wearing one.  Looking at the image, I think of women empowerment and it fosters a "get out of my way I don't need a man around" attitude.  I think this image is the epitome of thought that predominates and teaches our growing girls how to behave, as evidenced by so many of my peers (myself included) who couldn't leave the museum without one in their possession. 

How far I've come, since that day, in coming to understand what "toughness" really is and how to go about getting that acknowledgement from men that so many women desire.  So many women have to "fight" to get recognition in the workplace and academic arena to try to validate their actions, but let me tell you; the fastest and easiest way to get this kind of recognition is to marry the right man, love him unconditionally, serve him by bearing his children, make daily sacrifices to tend to them, and then, he'll whisper in your ear one morning, out of no where, like my husband did in mine, this morning,  "You are so tough.  You deserve anything you want. You sacrifice your life for me and the kids."

I'm willing to bet a whole career of workaholic women whose lives are dominated by the "all about me and what I can accomplish" attitude will work their lives away and never hear such beautiful words as I heard this morning coming from my loving, appreciative husband.  

What's not to envy about my role as wife and mother when I get to wake up in the morning to a husband kneeling at my bedside with words of thanks, admiration and accolades like this?