Monday, February 14, 2011

My Life Flashed Forward

I stumbled upon this blog and it warmed my heart to see a picture of a husband and wife with all of their grandchildren gathered around them. I posted this comment under her most recent post after following the link that redirected me to her knew blog:

"I'm following you now; your life as it is now,  is where I want to be when I've been married 33 years from now!  You are brimming with joy in your posterity!  It's refreshing to see how hard work in rearing a family will pay off in years to come!  I can't wait to enjoy a life full of more children to love; in the form of grandchildren.  I'm seeking to share the sweet message of wonderful family life with the world!  And your blog captured my emotions today. So follow me @ "

Browsing through her posts, I was happy to see pictures that portrayed happiness in family life as evidenced by filled tables at fast food restaurants for no one but their own family, and height competitions with Grandpa!   

Kudos to a husband and wife who have overcome the odds to make marriage work and reap the benefits of upholding their vows all these years!