Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Mommy-blogger followers:

It is my conclusion after reading this link, , that the woman writing the article is likely not the only out there with a drive and need to live a pseudo-life through Mormon-mommy-bloggers.

It is my opinion that there is a need that is partially being fulfilled by following the lives of others who have given way to the mothering life. I see it as evidence of a need that is not being fulfilled in their current lifestyle. 

They yearn for what these Mormon mothers have, but are not willing to go against their social pressures and  modern-day stigmas of what marriage and family life bring.

Being a mother is the absolute apex of creativity, and these "feminist" blog followers are yearning to understand how life as a woman is ultimately suppose to be. 

As a mom, and one who plays the role of current wife and mother, you will not see me taking time out of my busy diaper-changing, batman pretending, boo-boo kissing day, to follow the lives of non-mothers.  Their lives are simply not interesting to me because I've got my needs fulfilled as a wife and mother. 
My "non-seeking out of other's lives" is evidence enough to show that I am satisfied enough to be happy with the domestic, most feminine, life.

They are yearning to be creative, to climb the corporate and educational latter in hopes of finding something at the top; when really, the most rewarding life is evidenced in the creation of children with a loving spouse who jointly helps to rear those children in love and righteousness.

I live my life as a homemaker, husband entreator, and creator of children. And in contrast to popular held belief, being a true feminist is just that, fulfilling womanly roles that only women can most perfectly fulfill.

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